Gun Cart Corral
A Sampling
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Capt. Allyn Capron's Gun Cart.  Four wheels, Vertical Carry, Storage box.  Disassembles. for transport.
Lefty VanCleef's Gun Cart.  This is solid and indistructible.  Disassembles for transport.   Could fall out and seventy and damage the pavement.
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What makes a good gun cart?  The answer is as varied as the number of cowboys that use them.  This page will demonstrate a number of possible answers.  Some are elaborate, some utilitarian.  Ask their creators what they like and dislike about each.  
Wichita Charlies' Gun Cart.  Lightweight, with new, large diameter wheels
Goose's Medicine Wagon.  Bulky, but not heavy.  Does not disassemble, transport is a pain, but holds everything out of the dust and weather.   Has a built-in seat.
Axel Doomeyer's cart.  The coffin, rifle box approach.  Enclosed, bulky.  Holds a lot.
Iowa Bob and Sawtooth Star's Cart in the foreground.  Lightweight, disassembles, stores a lot.  Very practical.

In the background is a nice easy approach, convert a golf cart.
J.L's C art has the same basic design as Sawtooth Stars.  Looks like fine furniture.
Oklahombre has a wide wheel base to handle the rough terrain.
Prairie Peddler and Cimarron Scribbler have a unique 4 wheeled Vertical Carry arrangement.
Chance's Cart is a great basic design  Light, functional and transportable.
J.J. Richochet and Donna Darl'in demonstrate use of stake sided wagon.  Easy.
Gun Cart row shows a variety.  
A series of motorized carts seen at LandRun
Tim Burrattler's new Fancy Cart

Tinsleep's Wagon
Montana Dan's Tin Lizzy
I think this is Smok'n Guns John and Slipper Foot Suzie's cart
Pulp debuts his new cart at The Duel in the Dust
Tinsleep' in the back. and ? Little Doc's Cart
Yazhoo Rebel's Cart with Cpt. Allyn pulling his in back.
A New Series of GunCarts: